The Wooden Quaich

Craft from the Scottish Highlands…

More Oak en route

Pleased to report I've sourced some more oak and the shop is back on-line :)
I also got my 1st Covid jag yesterday so perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel

Lockdown Blues Redux

Well it looks like we've got another month or two of lockdown to go
Unfortunately I have once again used up my timber supplies and have had to close the shop until I can obtain some more :(
Watch this space as they say…

Brexit Bourach

I've finally migrated off Wordpress as it seem to attract hackers like an open jar of jam attracts wasps.
However the satisfaction was short lived as a realised that shipping outside of the UK has become a complete nightmare and it looks like I won't be able to take orders from non UK clients until the dust settles.
So Sorry folks nae quaichs abroad for the foreseeable future :(

Lockdown Blues

Well here we go again,
so far we've been lucky, but just last week there was an outbreak of the new variant in a nearby town.
So I guess we'll all just have to coorie doon for January and wait patiently for our jags
Still haven't quite got round to redding out the workshop so perhaps this month will be the one ;)
Still got a reasonable stock of Oak should anyone need a cheeky wee quaich ;)

In the meantime stay safe and warm everybody

Some respite

WooHoo! I have managed to source a fresh supply of Scottish oak.
So as we slowly return to the new normal and the chance to celebrate life’s milestones, I am gratefully opening up for orders again.
Initially I will be offering a “Hobsons choice” of timbers, you can have any timber you like as long as it’s oak!
Apart from that all the usual options of engraving or inset coins etc are available as normal
So happy to once again be able to be a small part of other peoples celebrations