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Out with the old and in with the New…

Well that’s another Hogmanay been and gone. Sadly I found out and the end of last year that thecompany that produces the Jacobite medallions I use has decided to stop making them. I guess the Jacobite cause just isn’t pulling in enough profit these days. In the meantime I have managed to source 4 final medallions. So if your jacobin heart still desires one you had better hurry. At least it did prompt me to add a “Robert the Bruce Silver Penny” option. I guess if I was really on the ball I would have had it ready to go when Netflix released “The Outlaw King” in October. “Ach well better late than never” as I’m sure De Brus would have said in his French accented Gaelic 😉

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A return to the lathe…

It’s been a two or three years that I have been meaning to upgrade my website. The old site was tricky to maintain, but I always found something better to do than sit down and build a new site from scratch. On top of that, I ran in to a bit of a timber famine. Sourcing good quality timber became very difficult and for a time I seriously considered giving up making quaichs altogether.

However, I now have a new stock a of local oak which is awfully bonny and it seem to have rekindled my urge to make shavings again. If you have bought from me in the past “Welcome Back” and thank you for being so patient.

The new site should make it easier to order the various options and you can now order multiple quaichs and accessories like Quaich oil  via the shopping cart. I also have some new options I’ve been working on and look forward to posting about them in the near future.

Thanks for dropping by

Sláinte mhath!